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Who We Are

We are an agile freelance team of business and application developers. Heavy lifters for 15+ year for startups, corporations and public sector to build their 1st or improving exiting digital web or mobile product.

Focusing on finding the core idea for the digital product and the business model behind it and build it.


Together with us you can iterate through the best ideas, data and sources and find tools and people to build the next digital product that will help your business grow. Preparing for the smoke tests, market research or analyzing the drawbacks of existing solution, target is to have a sharp understanding what to build and focus the resources.


As many people are visual - seeing is believing - preparing a functional prototype and creating aesthetic design for the solution is often a key to sell the idea and identify both its value and weaknesses. Going through the user research and UI/UX design we can mockup entire solution before spending resources on building it. Good design mockup also serves the purpose of preparing the task for developers and is the best toolkit for product manager to iterate, pivot, plan, and adjust scope.


Building is all about the realization of the idea. Here an architecture, platform tools, people and processes are key. Aim is to pick right technical approach to problem solving and find the team to build it. Though we prefer agile development methods, also the nature of business, parties involved and time-to-market may impact the actual plans. So sometimes product roadmap has a longer plan ahead, but daily developments still stays agile in its core.


Launching puts the business, marketing, technical deployment and customer support into stage light. Therefore strategy and scoping for time-to-market is crucial. As we have seen numerous launches, we can support you on this road. And this is the time to collect the results, feedback and plan for the routines ahead.

What we do

We take pride in what we do. Our services are designed to help your business stand out and turn your ideas into digital realities.

Business Model

Technical solution should never be the goal itself. In most developments we also consult our clients on business models – questions like what data to use, how to get it, what sources are out there; what are common user behaviors for the platform or industry; what are the cost for marketing, data sources, hosting, development etc; what components for revenue and cost models are important to take into equation and how to plan for growth.

Brand Identity

During product design there is often a parallel project to build or refresh the brand. It is quite efficient to address it in the project, as team’s focus and background knowledge is already in place.

User Research & Marketing

User research is a good way to understand how your users behave, use and value the product you are building (or already providing). Don’t guess, verify. Besides understanding user behavior, you also collect good insight for marketing later for targeting, channels and copy’s.

Product Development

Thinking product centric – value for users and best way to build it. It takes practice and knowledge to drive the process, understanding multiple disciplines and balancing business requirements, user needs and psychology but also team management and technical solutions. There are always millions ideas, but getting the most important ones prioritized is the challenge. Here we can help with good process to get things done.

UI/UX Design

It’s all about the usability and the look & feel of the product. Achieving the smile on users face during and after usage and keeping them engaged with the product. A good service design in whole fulfills the experience.

Technology Stack & Architecture

Selecting the right tools and technology for the product is key for succeeding with business model. So that development team can perform and development can be estimated but also keeping in mind that growth and support are under control in future. And preferably no vendor lock.

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